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EPOD XP 2.0 Final Version 2.0 Final
Cbutters has now released his newest edition to the epodXP lineup, 2.0 final. This will be his last edition, unless something major comes up, in which then he will update it!!! Everything is fixed, Icuding IE, and the DivX player problems, Enjoy!!! CLICK THE IMAGE TO THE LEFT TO DOWNLOAD THE NEWEST VERSION!!!

Message Board
I have setup a new corckboard with resticted acess by means of a password, whivh you have to register to get. I also have the option to ban users who try to hack me!!! LOL....Enjoy!!!

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Today for EPOD XP 2.0 Final

Link to Apps and Games
Here, I will post some of the better games for the casio be-300! Hope you enjoy!